Hankin Vehicle Body & Chassis Cleaner

₹445/- (1 litre)

₹2,005/- (5 litres)

Vehicle Body and Chasis Cleaner

Organic Based Eco Friendly

To clean the grease, oil, and dirt from the surface. Does not Affect the applicant. Non-corrosive, non-toxic, and eco-friendly. Gets activated on dilution with water.

Ingredients: A mixture of Extracts of herbal disinfectants, a mixture of oils, mild weak acidic cleaners, alkali-based cleaning agents, and additives suitably bound together by emulsifiers and surfactants to give a non-acidic concentrated cleaning solution.

Usage: Dilute 1litre with 4litres of water and apply.

Application: Mix with the recommended proportion and apply by cloth brush or spray.

Manufactured By: SST INDUSTRY, Sangli, Maharashtra

Marketed By: Sai Enterprises, Radha Krishna Temple, GT Road, Hampankatta, Mangalore, 575001

Customer Care No: 8549896550 / 9964066550

Website: www.hankin.in